A Tout le Monde

À tout le monde,
à tous mes amis Je vous aime,
je dois partrir 

This is part of a song I kept playing through my headphones while riding to school and work on my little moped, while wondering what to do next. 
Then I saw it, a documentary abou t two guys riding "the long way round". Riding, by motorcycle, from England to America. When they entered Mongolia, I thought to myself: "I want to go there!".  

But where to go once I would reach Mongolia? Oh wait I know, let's make it a round trip through Asia and Europe.  

So I got my motorcycle license as soon as possible (I wasn't old enough yet). And as soon as I graduated I saved up a few coins and left on my adventure.  

Hi I'm Antonie, a 21 old "cheese head" aka Dutch guy. I've just graduated from my bachelor Electrical engineering. I have almost no solo travel experience whatsoever, only a one week trip to France but figured it would be a good idea to travel for about a year around Asia on my motorcycle. Please meet my bike, called Vicky, she is a Yamaha xt660z tenere from 2009. She never let me down before so hopefully she won't do that now either...